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Supporting Charities  

One of the most important things that we are trying to do at Showcase Central is to give registered charities a free venue to give information about their programs and events.

More members and showcases will make Showcase Central a more vibrant community and that will help to make it a better platform in which charities participate. With your help, we will also be able to afford to absorb the costs of charity showcase hosting and specific charity showcase development.

By creating showcases and using Showcase Central you will be supporting and helping charities. This should be an important consideration when looking for a way to enhance your Internet marketing plan. 

If you have specific charities that you currently support, we urge you to contact them to create a free showcase. Note that they will be asked to supply their official charity registration number and the showcase will not be put into production until the charity credentials are confirmed.

The following PDF contains information for charitable foundations. Please download and distribute freely.

Showcase Central Charity Information

Thank you,

The Showcase Central Staff & Development Team 

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