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Search Engine Optimization Enhancement  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big buzzword in Internet advertising and companies are paying SEO consultants a lot of money to help get their websites higher in search engine results.

The idea is that the higher the search result, the more likely it is that a potential  client or customer will see your site and purchase from you.

There is certainly work involved in improving SEO results and having someone do it for you is certainly an attractive option. You should know, however, that the basics of SEO are not that complicated.

  1. Keywords and Key phrases are things that your target audience will type into a search engine to find products or services like you offer. Use them on your website and your showcase.
  2. The more information about your product and service that you have in various websites on the Internet the better your SEO will be. Putting up articles in industry publications, blogs and having people talk about your company on their own blogs and websites are ways to do that. Showcase Central is also a way to do that and, as such, complements your corporate website.
  3. The more sites that you have that link to your website and the better those sites are ranked, the better your SEO ranking will be. Pages that just list links to websites are less well ranked than those sites with articles and relevance. Showcase Central is a large website listing current information for many companies and is, therefore, a good site to be linked from and to link to.

Showcase Central is one way to start the SEO process without putting out consultant fees. It was designed to enhance SEO by the way it is used without too much effort on your part. Choosing the right keywords and linking to your corporate website starts the process. The showcaser area of this document site will give you some more suggestions on how to use Showcase Central effectively.

Note that a showcase should only be one part of your online marketing campaign, however it is a good place to start.

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