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What is a Showcase?  

A showcase is a one-page, multilingual and multimedia marketing and networking platform that includes real-time access to timely news, events, and other immediate noteworthy information about a product or a service.

Showcases are ranked according to the level of activity of the showcase including feedback from viewers and how often the showcase is updated. The ranking is reflected in the Showcase Central navigation pages, with the more popular showcases being on the first page and in the top left corner.

There are 8 basic showcase types: Government, Charity, Business, Smallbiz, Tradeshow/Annual Event, Organization/Club, Individual and Pet

A showcase can  be used as a market entry website and as a complement to an existing corporate website.

Depending on the type of showcase chosen there are a variety of features that can be added to the showcase such as an event calendar and a newsletter for watchers. 

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