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Revenue Stream  

There are three simple ways that you can use your showcase as a revenue stream. Any one of them should be able to recover the initial investment you made in your showcase:

Shopping Cart

There is a shopping cart tab feature available for your showcase. You can embed your shopping cart or the top selling items of your shopping cart into your showcase. This is particularly useful when you have sales campaigns and want to highlight one or two products.

Newsletter Advertisements

As part of the HTML newsletter template, there is a place for banner advertisements. You can sell space for these banner advertisements based upon the number of newsletters you sell and the number of watchers you send them to.

Showcase Image Advertising

Any one of the images or videos that you put on your showcase can be a paid advertising promotion. One word of advice, however, is to pick your advertisers carefully. You will want a company service or product that complements the message you give in your showcase.

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