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Showcase Central Terminology  

  1. Showcase Central is an online marketing tool developed by Emissary Computer Solutions that allows businesses to create online, dynamic showcases which promote corporate messages, products and/or services.

  2. Showcases are multimedia dynamic advertising spaces that are built on TacoWeb CMS (Content Management System) allowing each showcaser to manage their showcase content using a web browser 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  3. Showcase Central Navigation Pages are the top level of a showcase category such as "Technology", "Charity" or "Business". Each Showcase Central navigation page lists the showcases in that category with the highest ranked showcases being listed first.

  4. Showcase Central Communities are groupings of showcases. Showcase Central communities have their own watchers and share newsletters and bulletins.

  5. Viewers are anyone who looks at a showcase.

  6. Members are viewers who sign up to become a member of Showcase Central.

  7. Watchers are members who watch a showcase or Showcase Central community in order to be privy to exclusive watcher information. Some showcases require their watchers to be approved.

  8. Showcasers are any members that create and manage a showcase. This is short for "Showcase Owner".

  9. Community Managers are Showcasers who create a Showcase Central community and manage it.

  10. Showcase Central Sales Agents are individuals that actively sell showcases.

  11. A Tradeshow Reseller is the owner of a Tradeshow showcase that sells showcases to the participants and sponsors of the tradeshow.

  12. Showcase Central Advertising Agencies are the owners of websites or other media which contain Showcase Central advertisements.

  13. Showcase Central Portal Agencies are the owners of a website that the Showcase Central Plug-in is used on. A Showcase Central plug-in is a set of code used by websites to display the most popular showcases of a group determined by the portal agency. This group is often, but not necessarily, members of their own organization.

  14. Showcase Central Marketing Agencies are the organizations that introduce and sell showcases. This is often, but not necessarily, to members who are associated with their organization.

  15. Showcase Central Moderating Agencies are the organizations that review showcase content after a change is made. Reviews are used to check for inappropriate content and obvious mistakes in a showcase presentation. Moderators may also suggest enhancements to the showcaser (showcase owner).

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