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Showcase Central is an online community of individuals drawn from a wide variety of countries, cultures, languages and backgrounds. Our products and services are equally broad and diversified.

A showcase is a one-page, multi-media marketing and networking platform that gives viewers real-time access to timely news, events, and other immediate noteworthy information about a product or services.

Showcases are created by members to market their businesses, their products and their services. They may represent large companies, small clubs or individuals with something to market.

These are the key points:

  • Showcases
    • Are quick to setup
    • Are easy to maintain
    • Are multilingual
    • Can make changes from any browser which are immediate
    • Are defined by location, language, showcase type, industries, portal agencies, showcase community and showcase content
    • Complement a corporate website
    • Can have a direct URL
  • Showcase Central Community
    • Showcasers (showcase owners) create their own groups
    • Showcases can be members of many groups
    • Community leaders can send newsletters to community members
  • Showcase Central Members
    • Can watch a single showcase
    • Can comment on a showcase
    • Can watch a Showcase Central community
    • Can set their default properties to view showcases based on location, language and showcase type
  • Advertising Benefits
    • Inexpensive
    • Placed within a network of similar industries
    • More information than a banner ad
    • Non-Static message can change depending on business needs
    • Inherent SEO benefits
    • Searches can be based on location, language and showcase type
    • Links between industry categories
    • Proven viral marketing paradigm

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