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Corporate Social Responsibility  

As part of our outreach program, Showcase Central offers all registered charities an opportunity to create a showcase free of charge.

A charity showcase enables the charity to present its message, promote events and helps to reach across borders and other physical barriers to a wide range of organizations, businesses and individuals.

We would like to thank the companies, organizations and individuals that have created showcases and are helping us support the Charity Showcases on Showcase Central. 

If you know of a charity that is not yet on Showcase Central, please ask someone in the charity organization to become a member and to create a free showcase. Note that they will be asked to supply their official charity registration number and the showcase will not be put into production until the charity credentials are confirmed.

The following PDF contains information for charitable foundations. Please download and distribute freely.

Showcase Central Charity Information

Thank you,

The Showcase Central Staff & Development Team 

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