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Direct showcase links give you the opportunity to use a showcase as the target of any advertising campaign you create. You can put the direct URL on any advertising medium you like, including business cards, flyers, magazine ads, banner ads and TV commercials.

Here is a list of reasons that you might want to use the direct showcase URL instead of your corporate website URL in some advertising campaigns:

  1. You may not have access to your corporate website and need to create an on-line campaign site without the help of your corporate IT.

  2. Corporate IT may not move fast enough to create, update or remove the information on the website as fast as it needs to be done for a specific campaign.

  3. You may need to create web pages in different languages than your corporate website supports.

  4. You may want to focus your target audience on your campaign and not everything in your company.

  5. Your corporate website might be too difficult to navigate for a simple event, sale or campaign.

  6. You might not want to allow comments or other messages to be placed on your corporate website.

  7. You may want to separate your website from your mailing list.

  8. You may need to quickly send a message to everyone watching your event, sale or campaign information when things change from minute-to-minute.
Remember that a corporate website should tell someone everything and anything they might want to know about your company. A showcase, on the other hand, only tells a viewer what you want them to know, making it ideal for highlighting quickly changing event information, product specials and corporate messages.

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