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Why Become a Showcaser?  

A showcase is an inexpensive and easy-to-use venue to promote your business, your corporate image, your products, your services and your talents using graphics, pictures, video, audio, text, downloadable files and links to other Internet resources.

Consider the following points:


A showcase is an inexpensive way to highlight quickly changing event information, product specials or corporate messages. A showcase has a single price for a set of features. That price does not change depending upon the number of click-throughs or impressions and is a known quantity, paid once a year. 

Easy to Use

A showcase is built around a easy to navigate template that includes areas for logos, text, pictures and video. Specific product information, related links and contact data are presented in an easy to understand information boxes. Appealing graphics, creative text and powerful multimedia components give you the tools to promote your products and services.

Part of a Community

Through Showcase Central you can link local businesses or form virtual communities based upon industry, business type or strategic partnerships. Showcase Central Communities extend a business network beyond the immediate members.

Clean Format

A showcase has a very clean and easy to understand format. Viewers find it easy to read the information and should not be interrupted by ads taken from other websites that spread across the page. 

Reach a Wide Audience

The range of companies and organizations participating in the showcase community gives your showcase the unique opportunity to reach people who you don’t reach through your traditional advertising. The community nature of Showcase Central also bring many more potential clients to your showcase. Peers, fans, benefactors, clients, investors and sponsors can use your showcase as a starting point for finding out about you and your endeavours.


All showcases support multiple languages. Please contact us in case your language of choice is not featured, and we will make every effort to add it as soon as possible.

Natural and Intuitive

Showcase Central is designed to take advantage of the way people browse the Internet. Using appealing graphics, strong text and powerful multimedia components, showcases provide Internet users with easy access to a wide range of interesting and valuable information.

Social Networking

Showcase Central provides a business and social networking platform to encourage direct feedback from viewers. The ease of interaction with popular social networking sites makes sharing the information a showcase provides simple. 


A showcase can be your first product website or a complete market entry site, complete with a shopping cart and SEO rank. How you use your showcase depends upon your marketing plan.

Targeted Marketing

Watchers, language and showcase member options give you the opportunity to target your showcase to a specific audience. 

Download the following PDF for further information:

Getting Connected through Showcase Central

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