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Showcase Features and Pricing  

Pricing by Showcase Type

There are many types of showcases available. The type of showcase that you choose to create depends mainly on the goal of your showcase and your target audience. Showcases come with different default features and there are also some features that are unavailable for specific types of showcases.  

The price of a showcase also changes depending upon the type of showcase. Individual, Pet and Club showcases are less than Smallbiz and Business showcases. Tradeshow, Charity and Government showcases are free. The less expensive showcases come with fewer features, however additional features can be purchased and added to the showcase at any time.

Base Pricing:

Charity FREE Individual 2,000 yen/year Smallbiz 35,000 yen/year
Tradeshow FREE Pet 4,000 yen/year Business 75,000 yen/year
Government FREE Club 5,000 yen/year

Note: 1,000 Japanese yen is approximately 12.00 USD or 8.5 Euro

Click here to start the Showcase Sign-Up wizard and see the pricing for various currencies and features.

Feature Information

There are many features in Showcase Central and more being added as quickly as they can be developed. Features can be roughly divided into four categories: 

Features for Showcasers

These features are to help the showcaser deliver their messages easily to their target audience. They include showcases features such as: navigation pages, multilingual support, real estate information, job information, google analytics integration, watcher messaging, google maps integration, YouTube embedding, Animoto embedding, shopping cart embedding, showcase editing features, event information, showcaser summary, invite to my community, add to related showcases

Features for Viewers

These features are to help the viewer to look at the showcase and share it's information with friends. They include features like: social networking sharing links, tell a friend, commenting, links to other showcases, contact page 

Features for Watchers

These features are to help watchers look at the showcase and get more information than a regular viewer. They include features like:  watcher tab, newsletter, message to showcaser, quick links to watcher tabs 

Click here to start the Showcase Sign-Up wizard and see the pricing for various currencies and features.

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