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Comment Guidelines  

The importance of commenting on showcases and their content cannot be understated. It is a way for showcasers to receive feedback and a way for showcase viewers to gain perspective and learn from the experience of others.

However, it is also important that all comments made on Showcase Central respect the individual and comment on the products and services profiled and not on the individuals creating showcases, maintaining showcases or commenting on showcases.

  1. Comment on the product or service of the showcase.
  2. Comments should be well thought out to be appreciated as a good feedback or information.
  3. Do not provide information on unrelated or inappropriate content.
  4. Do not use comments as unsolicited advertising.
  5. Do not post repetitive comments to single or multiple showcases.
  6. Do not provide comments that infringe on the intellectual property rights of any individual or organization (including, but not limited to the personal information of others, corporate secrets, copyrighted material, product activation codes or patent information).

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