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Language Guidelines  

We ask that you think carefully about the language used on Showcase Central. It is important for the continued enjoyment of the website that all members show appropriate respect through their use of language.

  1. Focus on a single message when writing
  2. Consider your target audience and use language appropriate to that target
  3. Ensure that the facts and the information you post is accurate
  4. Post content that is on topic and appropriate to the section or showcase
  5. Take appropriate time to write and then review your content
  6. Use capital letters, numbers and lower case letters appropriately
  7. No inflammatory, obscene, discriminatory, abusive or threatening language will be tolerated

In recognition of the fact that many members will be creating and viewing showcases and posting comments in languages that are not their native tongue we ask that the following be observed:

  1. Do not use texting or chat abbreviations
  2. Avoid cuss words or other slang
  3. Minimize the use of emoticons
  4. Do not comment on grammar and spelling except where such comments are a request for clarification

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