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Why Become a Watcher?  

Showcases are viewable by everyone, however there is some information that only are available to watchers of a showcase.

The Watcher Tab

The Watcher Tab is a data tab in the information boxes at the bottom of the showcase. This tab allows the showcaser to share exclusive information with the showcase watchers. This information is not available to non-watchers and may include pre-release updates for products, advance sales and any general information that the showcaser wants to share with those who have chosen to express an interest in their services and products.


Newsletters get sent to watcher messaging inboxes and forwarded to their contact emails (if requested). Watchers are also shown the Newsletter Tab in the information boxes, which lists previous newsletters sent by the showcaser.

Messaging with Other Watchers

Some showcases allow anonymous messaging between watchers. This is convenient when members of the same club want to share information with others in the club. This feature is controlled by the showcaser.

Easier Access to Showcaser

Watchers have an easier way to contact the showcaser that may be available even when the general showcase contact tab has been disabled.

Quick Link to the Showcase or Community

The list of your watched showcases and communities is provided in your "my home" page and gives you quick access to them when you log in.

Quick Showcase Links

As a watcher you get direct links on the showcase to the showcase watcher, events and communities information tabs.

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